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REBLOG: On: Gratitude… and Death (Part I)

Here’s a blog post by someone whose I only recently started to follow here on WordPress. His meditation on a cup of coffee is strikingly Zen, though I do not know if he identifies himself as Zen or not (and does it matter, really?). It is indeed possible to, to paraphrase William Blake, “see the world in a cup of coffee.”

James Radcliffe

As human beings, we can miss so much.  It is perfectly possible for us to bounce about our days with vast chunks of potential experience simply passing us by, untapped, unused and ultimately wasted.

The fact that we perpetually take things for granted, the fact that we constantly: form and work from internal generalisations, is something that’s deeply rooted in our nature.  It’s a necessary faculty.  And it’s totally useful…

Some of the time.

But here’s the danger:

When left unchecked this mechanism can, all too easily, become our default and habitual way of interacting with the world.  When this happens we begin to wander around aimlessly, steered purely by desire and reaction, becoming ever-more trapped and enmeshed in habitual ruts of thought and behaviour.

But you want some Good News?

It doesn’t have to be this way.  It’s a choice, and it’s ours to make.  Armed…

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