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I Like to Move It-Move It…But I Can’t Right Now

if you took the time to read this blog’s About page (and if you did, I love you so much I could kiss you but I won’t and I’m really exaggerating, but I do appreciate it!) you know that I used to be a total couch potato.  A chain-smoking, obese, and physically weak couch potato.  You’ll also know that I have learned to enjoy being physically active.  I enjoy it so much that this not feeling well is making me – well, let’s just say I’m not enjoying not being able to move.

It’s not that I’m immobile or anything, but I am in pain and I’ve been in pain since last week.  I went to the dentist yesterday to get my teeth checked.  He said it’s not so much my wisdom teeth that’s causing the pain (although I still have to have them removed in the future) as it is the fact that the sensitive part of my teeth is practically exposed to the air.  This was caused by the build-up of plaque, which he proceeded to remove while I struggled not to struggle as I lay there doing my best not to panic…I know, a visit to the dentist turns me into a wimp.  Please don’t tell anyone.  The other cause, which didn’t occur to me until after I left the clinic, was my brushing habit, which is best described as overzealous.  Apparently this was causing my gums to recede, exposing more of the sensitive parts of the teeth.  Well, damn.

Anyway, all that means is I’ve had a headache for more than a week.  The good news is it’s not so debilitating that I can’t function at all.  And it feels slightly better especially after the cleaning, and I believe it will improve more as I gently brush with Sensodyne (that wonderful toothpaste made for sensitive teeth like mine).  Heck, I’m already here at work.  The not-so-good news is, I still have a headache.  Which means, no physically strenuous stuff for a while.  Certainly not handstands, cartwheels, tumbling, and sprint intervals.  I hope I’ll be ok enough to join this Friday’s Aikido practice.  But for now, I guess I’ll just have to content myself watching other people move.  People like…

Luci Romberg of Tempest Freerunning


I had to remove L’1consolable’s YouTube video because it’s not working for some reason.  Also, I am feeling way much better now. Yay!  Hoping for a full recovery soon!

Welcoming my 34th Year with a Cold

It’s been a week since I turned thirty-four and I’m still not feeling a hundred percent, though I am getting closer to it. Just yesterday I managed to practice L-sits and handstands – this morning I did more handstand practice. Yeah, I’m deviating from the plan. No excuses, just a perfect storm of circumstance and me trying to do way too much as usual. I mean, writing it down allowed me to make some daily structure for me to follow, but it seems I both greatly overestimated my ability to recover and underestimated the effects of the physical training on my body, especially given my 1-year-old’s newfound penchant for suddenly crying out several times after midnight and disrupting my sleep. And of course, after coming down with a terrible cold that had me call in sick, I opted to focus on rest and recovery for a week. Oh well, at least I weigh nearly a kilo less.

Therefore, my solution is just to: simplify, simplify, SIMPLIFY!

In other news, there’s this songwriting camp in November that I plan to join. It’s not as simple as signing up though. Only 60 slots are available, and I’ll be competing with Buddha-knows-how-many other songwriters from all over the country just to get in. It’s a pretty big deal, though – those who pass the final auditions get to stay in this place for about four days, learning from professional songwriters and composers about the craft and business side of songwriting. I’ll put in the link here later, if I remember.

Parkour Training and the Day After, plus More Writing

This post covers both Friday and a bit of yesterday because I couldn’t access WordPress’s New Post page (damn 3rd world Internet connectivity!).

Friday: Safety Vaults, Soft Landings and Jumping Around

My resource for parkour training is the Tapp Brothers’ website.  They offer a free 5-day course, which I’ve used as a guide for my training.  They also offer more for a fee, but while I’m not averse to purchasing courses online, I want to try out the small free stuff first before I commit.  It’s like trying free samples of a pastry shop before deciding to buy.  Anyway, here’s what I did:

Soft landing progression: Squat-and-drop

This progression is for learning the proper form and technique for landing softly (without rolling, that is).  For low heights, it is not necessary to drop to all fours and absorb some of the impact with the arms; however, it is good to practice doing that in preparation for the bigger, higher-altitude landings.

Safety vault progression: 1 leg up

Before doing the full safety vault I decided to just focus on getting one leg up on the rail while preparing the other leg to pass in between.  I got a nice workout doing 10 reps per side.

Safety vault progression: full safety vault

Jumps: I started with just doing box jumps but after a few reps I decided to play around by adding 180-degree spins to the jumps.  So I would jump and turn as I landed on the bench, then drop and turn again as I landed on the grass.  Did this several times.

I finished the whole thing with five pushups.  Yes, only five pushups.  I could have done more but I was pretty tired at this point.

Saturday: the day after

One word: OW.  Ow ow ow OW…..

Oh hello there Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness!  A good day to you!

Nothing physically strenuous today because man do my hips and thighs hurt!  I took the time (because I hadn’t gotten around to doing it since Thursday) to work on not just “Walk Away” but also my earlier songs.  I finally got to add in some lyrics there – yippeee!  Nothing final, but at last I’m making small progress.  I also added some lyrics to a song I wrote in the beginning of this year.  I also played around with the guitar and the piano.  My daughter was watching me from her baby chair while I was working on “Walk Away” and she started bobbing around, which was really cute and funny.

And in closing, OW!


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