Ground Training

I am a beginner in Parkour and Freerunning.  That means that you won’t see me doing those crazy leaps from buildings, running up or flipping off walls, or any of that stuff any time soon.  Are you kidding me?  I wanna have fun, not kill myself.

So how do I train?  On the ground.  No obstacles – just the hard, firm, but ultimately much safer earth.  This way I can train in moves without worrying too much about getting hurt.

This also solves the problem of finding training spots.  All you need is enough space.  If you go outside to a park, a field, or a vacant lot, you’re good.

Now I have my own way of training on the ground, but here’s a video from the Tapp Brothers of how to train on flat ground.  If you’re a beginner looking for a way to train safely and you happen to be reading this, bear in mind that this video assumes that you can at least perform the roll with reasonable proficiency (meaning it doesn’t hurt when you do it on concrete), as well as know the proper mechanics for the other basic moves shown.  If not, I recommend either subscribing to the Tapp Brothers’ YouTube channel or going to their website.  They have tons of free useful parkour and freerunning tutorial videos*.  And no, I am not paid to say this – I just know their stuff is useful because I use them in my own training.

*They also offer more (I imagine) comprehensive and structured programs that you have to buy online.  I haven’t tried those out so I can’t say anything useful, but judging from the usefulness of their free stuff I say if you have the cash and you’re willing to part with it to buy their program, go for it.

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