Hello again! Lemme try somethin’ a little different…

Whoever you are who might have read my previous posts and then wondered “whatever happened to this guy and why isn’t he writing anymore?”, if you indeed exist, hello again!  And if this is your first time to check out my blog, welcome and hello to you too.  Check out my page for more info.

So it’s been a while, and now that I’m back I want to try something a bit different with this blog.  In the past, I’d just write in a really long burst and then edit and rewrite and hopefully it would take less than an hour or so.  It was also less structured and kind of write-as-I-go – which is how I’m writing this, actually.  I think I’m going to be just a little bit more structured and concise so as to save on blogging time (so I don’t have the excuse of “I can’t blog right now because I don’t have time”), which will allow me to blog more days a week while juggling everything else.  Here’s what I mean: I will blog maybe two or three times a week, keeping it short and focused on one major topic or category.  So one day I’ll blog about my parkour/freerunning training and it’s just that – and it will be categorized under Movement with the tags parkour, freerunning, etc.  Then maybe the next day I’ll blog about my songwriting or about music in general.  Then the next day I’ll focus on Zen practice and maybe some of the concepts (though I’m not confident in talking about those).  I’ll still keep it a bit loose, just not too loose so that I don’t spend too much time editing (’cause honestly I can be a grammar Nazi and that takes time).

That’s pretty much it.  Hope you’ll all enjoy the new – I don’t know the word – format?  Style?  Whatever.  I hope you enjoy reading Zen, Music, and Movement.  And I’ll end this post with a photo of me doing a one-arm cartwheel on the beach.

This is how I do the “Y” when dancing to the Village People’s “YMCA.”


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