Back from a Trip (My Pants are Getting Tighter!)

Yes.  Despite my fairly active lifestyle I’ve put on a few kilos, which is to be expected because I’ve let my nutrition habits fall by the wayside.  I’ve taken to having at least one beer every night for the past few weeks, have had little success stopping myself from taking a few small pieces off the dessert table at the resort’s restaurant during lunch, and just this week went to Palawan (it was work-related, but highly enjoyable) where I ate and drank.  A.  Lot.  Comes with the job actually.  We were there to observe the tourism industry and see if we can learn something useful.  That meant going to recommended restaurants and bars, visiting tourist attractions, sampling the exotic foods.  And getting drunk.  Okay that last part wasn’t really part of the task, but it sure made it more fun.

So I wasn’t surprised to find my pants to be just a bit tighter, my torso to be just a bit flabbier, and my weight to be just a few kilos higher than it was earlier this year.  I’m trying not to freak out, but it is a sobering thought that were I to gain back too large a fraction of the weight I’ve lost – and I have lost a lot – not only would I have a hard time finding clothes that fit me (because I’ve already gotten rid of most of them), I’d also encounter the same problem I had when I first started training in Aikido: KNEE PAIN.  I do not like knee pain.  ‘Nuff said.

Henceforth, as I told my wife, beer shall be reserved for weekends and birthdays/anniversaries only.  At least for several weeks.  Same with all manner of desserts and snacks that didn’t come directly from a tree or bush.  Cookies, ice cream, brownies and the like: weekend food.  And sparingly at that.  That ought to shave off some pounds.  It won’t likely get me a six pack but then I’m not in this for a six pack.


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