Day 4: The Importance of Flexible Planning

I woke up to my daughter’s cry just before 5.  A dream.  I picked her up and held her, which immediately calmed her, then put her back down.  I would have gone back to bed and stayed there, maybe even dozed off – but I realized that she was sitting up.  Oh boy.  I had a hunch that my usual morning time would be cut drastically short, if not totally obliterated, if I didn’t get up thirty minutes earlier, so I did.  I got up, sat zazen, and went downstairs to the kitchen.  I was slicing the vegetables for the salad when I heard the footsteps coming down.  There went my music time.

Good thing that was the only thing I had to skip.  I’ve learned the hard way that it’s important to plan for when shit happens.  And it’s not rocket science – just a matter of making sure that a certain amount of flexibility is worked into the design of the program.  In my case, I made my current plan knowing that there would be days like this one where maybe the kids get up too early, or days where I am sick, or I have to travel somewhere (as I do next week).  For today, I figured I could just work on lyrics later – probably when I am lying in bed while everyone’s asleep.

Later this morning I practiced the following:

Aikiken waza: single-arm cuts, yokomenuchi

Kali single stick drills

Kali single stick carenza (free play)

Aikiken waza: Shihonage

I feel better than I did last Tuesday.  I think I tried to do too much that time.  Also, I’d been a bit hasty in my movements.  Today I slowed down somewhat on my left arm, focusing more on proper form and movement than on power, though I still went rock n’ roll on my right arm – especially on carenza.


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