Day 3: Rainy Day Bodyweight Conditioning

Zen: Had a short, 8-minute session today.  I wanted to make sure I had just a little more time for…

…the GUITAR *cue appropriate melodramatic proclamation-type music*.  Nothing special, just worked both on the song fragment (which I will henceforth give the working title “Walk Away”) and on two earlier songs.

Later I did the following with 60 seconds rest intervals:

Quadrupedal movements

Cartwheel-Chinese squat combo

Single-leg jumps and 180-degree jumps superset

Plyo pushups

10-second dead hang

Wall crawl to bridge push ups

Never mind that it was raining a bit.  I had to relocate to a nearby sheltered spot, but that’s all.  Damn near pulled a back muscle doing the wall crawl back up from the bridge, but that’s my fault for rushing it a bit.

And that’s all for now.  I am looking forward to a nice massage tonight.


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